Founded by Michael Dennison in 1984, Bavarian Professionals operates with the goal of providing optimal service to BMW owners.

Our team of professionals has a combined BMW service experience of more than 100 years. More than half hold university degrees—from philosophy to physics—and have turned their passion for BMWs into a career. Most important, the entire staff works together to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Technician Compensation (and why it matters)

At many repair shops and dealerships technicians are paid on the basis of the number of hours they bill. This system rewards people for finishing jobs as fast as possible and creates an atmosphere where technicians are unwilling to share information with coworkers. Under such a system, technicians also have a disincentive to be thorough when performing critical inspections. These are just a few of the problems encouraged by this type of system.

At Bavarian Professionals, we feel that the customer’s interests and the technician’s concerns should never conflict. Thus, we have never used a compensation program which bases a technician’s pay on the number of hours billed. As a result, we are able to provide a team-based approach which helps ensure that every service and repair is performed to the highest standards.