Regular Servicing


Oil Change: engine oil and filter change only

Oil Service (Minor Service) : the smallest service, an oil change plus a ~1 hour inspection of the vehicle, topping off fluids, etc.

Inspection I: a full inspection of the vehicle plus oil change and microfilter replacement, topping off fluids, etc.

Inspection II (Major Service): a full inspection of the vehicle plus oil change, spark plugs, transmission fluid (if applicable), differential fluid, and filters (air/oil/micro), topping off fluids, etc.

Vehicle Check: a full inspection of the vehicle

Service Intervals:

BMW has changed its service recommendations multiple times over the last 20+ years. Most BMWs produced up through 1995 plus the 3-series through 1998 alternate between Oil (Minor) and Inspection II (Major) services every 10,000 miles, with oil changes performed in between. Most 1996 to 2005 BMWs and Minis plus the X3 and Z4 through 2010 go through a repeating service cycle of Oil Service, Inspection I, Oil Service, Inspection II, with a service interval of 15,000 miles and oil changes in between. Most 2006 through current BMWs and Minis have service work split out completely with separate and independent intervals for Vehicle Checks (30k miles), oil changes (5k miles or once per year), spark plugs (typically 45k, 60k, or 100k miles), transmission fluid (typically 50k miles for manual/SMG/DCT and 100k miles for automatics), differential fluid (50k miles), and transfer case fluid (50k miles). Air filters are typically replaced during vehicle checks and microfilters typically replaced with brake fluid flushes. If you would like guidance on which service your car is due for or on a general service plan for your car, feel free to call or e-mail and we are happy to discuss the details with you.